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13x4 Cambodian Deep Wave Frontal

13x4 Cambodian Deep Wave Frontal

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Our Cambodian Deep Wave hair is pillow soft with a coarse texture, making it perfect for most hair types. Sourced from Cambodia, each bundle was hand-selected to create a 13x4 Port Royal HD Frontal with top-notch quality. They provide an undetectable and realistic hairline while protecting your own hair. Embrace its natural bounce for those low effort days or style with heated tools for a fresh new look!

Main Features & Benefits

  • Raw hair treated with steam to create seamlessly blendable textures for our customers
  • Blends with 3a and 3b hair textures with little to no manipulation
  • Our Cambodian Deep Wave Frontals can be paired with our Cambodian Deep Wave Bundles for a complete look
  • Texture also available for closures, and wigs
  • Hair will revert with ease if straightened
  • Hair can be dyed
  • Color is natural black or natural dark brown (1b or 2)
  • Free of synthetic fibers and fillers
  • Minimal to no tangling

Port Royal Promise

💜 Trust us to provide you with the best quality hair that is free from any synthetic or harmful chemicals, allowing you to create a style that is uniquely yours.

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    No tangling. With proper care our extensions can last years


    Blends with your natural hair for a realistic look


    Our luxurious extensions are full from root to tip

  • 100% HUMAN HAIR

    Sourced from a single donor.