How many bundles do I need?

12-14 inches: 2 or more bundles

18-22inches: 2 or more bundles

24-30inches: 4 or more bundles

How often do I need to wash my hair?

For curly textures, we recommend a conditioner at least 3 times per week. For Wavy and straight textures, we suggest a conditioner wash once a week or as needed.

Can I color Port Royal Extensions?

Yes, All Port Royal hair can be colored. We strongly recommend seeking the help of a professional colorist for assistance to avoid damaging the hair.

What is HD Lace?

HD lace (High-Definition Lace) is the thinnest lace you will find on the market. As a result, HD lace will offer you the most undetectable application with minimal customization needed. HD lace can be used by all skin tones. One thing to not is that HD lace is extremely delicate and will rip easily if not handled with care.

What is Transparent Lace?

Transparent lace is regular lace in a transparent color, sometimes referred to as the undetectable transparent lace. The great think about a transparent lace is that despite your complexion this lace will match. Transparent lace is more durable that HD lace and is great for beginners. Both transparent and HD lace offer benefits like a natural looking hairline and various opportunities for customization to your liking. 

Does the hair shed?

To help prevent shedding each raw bundle is double wefted. However, any hair that has been stitched onto a weft is entitled to experience minimum shedding. Also If you cut your tracks you may experience shedding due to the fact the weft is now broken and strands are easier to slide out. If this happens seal the wefts to prevent hair from shedding. 

Can I use a P.O. Box as a shipping address?

We cannot accept P.O Box (including FPO or APO) as the shipping address.